Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Possibilities, Possibilians

Existing with fragility,
and reasoning ability.
This life's all we got.
Yep, just this one shot.
God? No possibility.

I have adaptability,
and mental flexibility
On a bible I'd swear
there is no god there.
That's said without hostility.

We have mental fertility
and thinking capability.
Kick religion out
and say without doubt:
God? No possibility!

Possibilianism has to be one of the most stupid things this side of creationism. Can we ever be sure of anything?  No, of course not. Does that mean that it is possible that there might be a deity as described by any one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of religions that have existed since humans began thinking about things bigger than the next meal? Absolutely not.

There is no god. No God, Allah, Odin, Jupiter, or any of the other numerous deities humans have created. I do not reject the FACT that there are things we do not yet know about our universe, but I reject every single supernatural creation devised to explain things we do not yet understand.

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