Saturday, January 12, 2008

I (club) Huckabee limerick

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One thing that I'd like to see
is someone who's a fan of PZ
to see just how far
they'd get, if on their car
was a sign that says I (club) Huckabee.

While watching the Iowa caucus,
my most overwhelming thought was:
Are these people insane?
Were they stabbed in the brain?
Or are the Republicans just there to mock us?

It seemed that it was just a phase,
for in New Hampshire we woke from a daze
And then I heard
Huckabee was in third.
All I could do was just sit there, amazed.

I hope after Michigan we find
that our country has not lost it's mind.
For the last thing we need,
after incompetence and greed,
are evangelicals coming from behind.

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