Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday's Best, July 8

As we meander life's road,
each burdened by our own load,
as some have now learned:
to yourself be concerned.
Don't inflict on others YOUR code.

A new thing I want to try is what I am calling Sunday's Best. I have written a lot of limericks about the idiocy of the religious people in America, and I think I should point out some of the not-as-hateful believers.

Today's entry is Alan Chambers, leader of Exodus International. Exodus International was founded in 1976 as a ministry seeking to limit same-sex feelings in homosexuals. Alan Chambers has recently said that "reperative therapy", the idea that you can "cure" homosexuality is wrong, and Exodus International, a one time  proponent of the "treatment", will no longer support such programs. He said that such treatments offer gays false hope, and may even be harmful. Exodus International has lost 11 ministries after Mr. Chambers made his statement.

I talk quite a bit about the idiocy of believers. I feel that Alan Chambers believes quite a number of extraordinarily silly things, but now there is a little less hatred being taught in the world

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