Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Was A Faith-Based Initiative

They say that we can't blame Islam
because most believers stay calm.
I believe that is true.
But think like I do:
that every religion is wrong!

Some talk of peace it might bring.
But if to old lies you must cling
then that's what you get
if you must inject
religion into everything.

10 years ago, religious zealots crashed airplanes into the towers at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Another plane crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers fought back. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives that day.

Over 6,000 Americans have died in the intervening 10 years, fighting "terrorism" in Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 30,000* American service members have been injured. Over 100,000 civilians have been killed since the invasions began.

We must never forget what happened that morning. We also must never forget those that have died. We must not forget the soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines that gave their lives while serving. We must also not forget the civilians that died, those who were not involved in what transpired. Those fathers, daughters, sons, mothers, who just happened to be in the wrong place, at a time when the United States was flexing its muscle. They deserved what happened to them as much as the workers in the towers, or the firefighters and policemen who tried to save them.

We also must never forget the price we all have paid since that day. We have had freedoms taken from us, and rights that have been stolen, and laws imposed upon us, all in the name of safety. After the morning of 9/11, America got scared. And that was the terrorists greatest victory.

*Officially. Unofficial counts reach over 100,000

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