Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All He Wanted Was A Piano

Tim Minchin's not asking for much
but these morons are out of touch.
They shout "Tim, go home!
"Leave Dallas Alone!"
I think they use a crooked crutch.

So Paula and Norbert miss out.
They call their magic friend and pout.
They'll pray 'round the clock.
But will he still rock?
Beyond any shadow of doubt.

Tim Minchin, musician, comedian, all around great guy, is having a show in Dallas. He needed to rent a piano for that engagement, which is fairly common. After Paula and Norbert searched for his music on Youtube, they sent him an email calling him a demon, saying that they wouldn't rent a piano to him for $1 million. They then said "Please cancel the Entire Event in Dallas. Go back to Australia. We do not appreciate Tim Minchin in TX. Love in Christ, Norbert & Paula".

Christian love, indeed. I guess it's better than them proselytizing at the show.

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