Thursday, January 17, 2013

Judge Me Not

No matter what's stuck in your craw
or what you think is the last straw
you still took a vow.
So just drop it now.
You still have to follow the law!

As a student of people, I am constantly surprised at how much I can still learn from them. Take these sheriffs, for example.

After having won elections to serve as the highest lawmen for their respective, a few enterprising sheriffs have decided to take it upon themselves to interpret the law, instead of just upholding it. They want us to believe they they are the sole arbiters of what is and is not allowed by the Constitution. Well, at least what their twisted idea of what is in the Constitution, not what the Constitution actually says.

A growing number of law enforcement officers are stating that they will refuse to uphold laws that they deem violate the 2nd Amendment. None of the laws currently on the books or proposed actually do that, but that won't matter in the slightest to these people. The three branch system that comprises our government isn't perfect, but it has served us well as an effective balance of power. The idea that a heavily armed group of people might take it upon themselves to act as all three branches is, to me, more than a little frightening.

Unless, of course, it's all bullshit hyperbole solely for the effect of riling up the masses to garner more votes. Politicians wouldn't do that, would they?

The new uniform for the Sheriff's Office

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