Thursday, March 14, 2013

The New Boss

One thing that I've often discussed
In life, we all do as we must.
One thing that I mind
is that when you lie
and say that you stand for what's just.

As I was writing yesterday's limerick, news broke that the new Pope has been named. Therefore, I take credit for the conclave so quickly naming a successor to Ratzi the Nazi. Any complaints can be forwarded to the round file.

The new guy, Jorge Bergoglio, has taken the name Francis. He has been lauded because he cares about the poor, and had even given up some of the trappings of being a Cardinal when he was the Archbishop of Beunos Aires. He does, however, support the traditional doctrine against all forms of birth control, which has the express result of causing even more children being born into poverty.

Another thing that the new boss supports is the lack of rights for homosexuals. It has been said that Pope Francis is “a man who calmly stands for what’s right and just." He also believes that adoption by homosexual couples is "a form of discrimination against children." In my mind, a person who stands for justice would support justice for everyone, not just those who think or feel or believe or love the exact same way that they do. Anything less is unequal and unjust.

I know that I have been writing quite a bit about the papacy recently, but that is what has been big in the news. I promise to take a break from the pope until he says something else stupid. So, maybe a couple of days.

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