Friday, August 19, 2011

The Curative Power of Water Is No Match For My Taunting!

Homeopathy's back in the news
Of fraud, Boiron's been accused
I more than suspect
it has no effect
You don't like it? You can just sue.

Their flu "remedy" is a hoax
it "cures" you by mirrors and smoke
There's nothing that works.
So stop being jerks!
or another taunt you'll provoke.

Mass con-artist and water-manufacturer Boiron is suing an Italian blogger for libel after he said that its product oscillococcinum had "no active ingredient" . I have a response for Boiron:

Sue me.

I have no legal resources. I am easy prey for you to test out your mighty legal machine. Your products are shams of the worst sort, and you make your money by lying to people. You market false hope, and sucker in those people who don't know any better. They don't know any better BECAUSE YOU LIE TO THEM.

So sue me. Prove to the world the veracity of your claims by bringing them into open court. If your product does what is claimed, then you should have no fears about proving that it works as you say, and the mechanisms by which it works. Easy for you to do, no?

Pictured: Water and lies.

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