Monday, August 8, 2011


My newest best friend's Jenny Beth.
Tea Party Patriots head douchette
But it's patriotic
and not idiotic
To owe the IRS a huge debt.

So, Jenny Beth Martin is the head of the Tea Party Patriots, one of the groups responsible for nearly shutting down the government because of the debt ceiling debacle. Apparently, she owes the IRS nearly $700,000 in back taxes for a failed business. As the business was failing, she and her husband increased revenue to save it. No, sorry, they increased their debt by way of credit cards. I guess increasing a debt limit is always bad, except for when it isn't.

Oh yeah, she also makes $6,000 per month for being the head of the TPP. $72,000 each year for preaching at people that the government has to be fiscally responsible, yet she claims she can't afford to buy a car. So she uses a $27/day rental. $810 is a lot of money for not being able to afford a car payment.

My advice to Jenny Beth? Stop being hypocritical, stop telling your followers to hold the country hostage, stop telling people that compromise is a dirty word, and stop putting your politics over the good of the entire country.

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