Sunday, August 14, 2011

On Martian Aquifers and Noachian Submersion

NASA says "Water's on Mars!"
to some that might sound bizarre.
Though no one asked how
a creationist found
a reason how it got so far.

Four-thousand (or so) years ago
God, unto Noah did bestow
a pair of each kind,
a seafaring mind
and escape from the status quo.

Hurlbut has a new theory
Though the math isn't real clear, he
says that the liquid
not maybe but DID
came from the Earth. Now I'm weary.

The water on Mars is because
the Earth once suffered a flood.
Wait! How can that be?
Oh. I think I see...
He's as dense as a big bag of spuds.

NASA has indeed discovered evidence that suggests briny water is flowing on Mars. This is really neat science, and we do not yet understand all of the mechanics of the Martian water cycle. But this...oh this is soooo not the answer.

Terry Hurlbut is described as "a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years", as well as, apparently, an astrophysicist, geologist and a specialist in hydraulics and hydrodynamics. I claim to be none of those things. I am just a reasonably intelligent guy, with at least some grasp on how physics works in the real world. And they don't work that way, Terry.

And if you wish to discuss it here, I won't moderate to keep out any tough questions I can't answer.

Hat tip to FSTDT for the link

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