Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bachmann says she is God's fling,
'til Perry throws his hat in the ring
Which one is a fraud,
which one talks to God?
Which one's gonna lead the crazed-wing?

Sometimes rhymes can get lazy
when right-wing idiots make me hazy.
But if I had said
there's a voice in MY head
you'd all just say I'm fucking crazy.

Bachmann, by her own admission
to her husband has pledged submission.
If he would just ask
it would be her task
to get in her favorite position.

Rick Perry, I think, is just messin'
with our heads. He thinks he's a blessin'.
I think that y'all
should give him a call
and say we don't need a new Texan.

Michelle Bachmann has said that she allows her husband to make her decisions for her, just like any godly woman should. These, fairly major, decisions include her attending law school, when she admitted that she had no interest in law.

Rick Perry, the other insane fundamentalist, wrapped up an exclusionary and hypocritical prayer rally last weekend.. He has said that he will announce a time to schedule a press conference to announce a date that he will make an announcement.

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