Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Complex Complex

Their claims are often disputed
and arguments easily refuted
but they play the game
and still make the claim
that Christians are still persecuted

Ed Brayton shared a trifecta of stories today about Christian "persecution" in America. On the face, those claims, they are laughable. Digging deeper into those claims, they are still laughable.

Christianity is, by far, the largest majority in the United States. Among Christians, Evangelicals are the majority group. These are the ones, it seems, that claim to be persecuted more often than any other group, religious or otherwise. These are the people who pass laws solely based on their beliefs, trying to legislate their morality on everyone, regardless of what each persons beliefs might actually be. They then cry "PERSECUTION" when a person or group fights back against the tyrannical majority.

I have a dream. I have a dream that, someday, hoping beyond hope, that people can congregate in a place that is solely devoted to worship. I have a dream that, someday, people can confess to the world that they believe in God. I have a dream that, sometime in the distant future, perhaps a politician can profess his belief in the God of the Bible and actually get elected to office. I have a dream that, somehow, they will remove the laws that are on the books in seven states that prohibit believers from running for office.

Someday, perhaps, my dreams might become reality. Until then, I suppose Christians will continue to be persecuted.

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