Monday, August 11, 2014

Snip it in the Bud

Religions are stuck in a rut.
They're all full of regressive nuts.
They don't seem to care
'bout instances where
they get kids sick after they cut.

I have never tried to hide my feelings toward circumcision. I think it is an evil, barbaric practice that should be illegal in every civilized society. It should be looked down upon like most people look down on Female Genital Mutilation because, honestly, there is no difference between the two.

The Friendly Atheist shares a story about mohels, Jewish men and women trained to perform circumcisions. After performing the deed, they are required to draw blood from the wound. This is done by a suction device or, in Orthodox ceremonies, but the mohel sucking the blood away. With his mouth. On the penis of an infant.

Apart from the unsavory morality issues inherent with this, there are many medical complications that can arise. Infants, 8 days old as required by Jewish tradition, have contracted herpes as a direct result of this ritualistic disfigurement. Two babies have died.

The parents of children who have been given diseases by these practitioners have refused to name the mohels that got their children sick. New York City's health department has banned two mohels from performing circumcisions in NYC, but will not name them. Because, of course, we wouldn't want to prevent them from moving somewhere else and slicing up other infants.

This is, to me, just as disgusting and wrong-headed as the Catholic Church refusing to name priests who molested children.

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