Monday, August 4, 2014

With Rhyme, Without Reason

Though in the courts they were beaten,
it seems one more thump they are needin'.
A Bishop said priests'
names won't be released.
And why? He said "There's no reason."

Another day, another story about Catholics above the law but below civilized morality.

The Bishop in charge of the Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana has stated that the church will not release the names of priests who were responsible for the molestation of children. The Diocese was ordered to pay a $26 million settlement for those crimes. At least one of those priests, Gilbert Gauthe, was transferred between churches in the Diocese, allowing him to hurt a new batch of victims.

Bishop Michael Jarrell has refused to release the names of the priests who preyed on children. His reasoning? That releasing the names "would serve no purpose." There is an allegation, which the Church denies, that one priest is still in the same Lafayette church in which he victimized a young boy.

The purpose of releasing the names of EVERY priest who attacked children is to prosecute them for their crimes, and protect any other children from ever being harmed by them again.

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