Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What the Internet is For

When you understand your demography
just wants political pornography
and they find that his'try's
too much of a mys'try
don't think that they'll get geography

Why yes, I do have a punchable face

I am seriously starting to get confused as to whether or not right-wing are willfully ignorant, incredibly stupid, or just liars. I know, I know, it's probably all of them. Also, I should probably just stop reading the news.

Todd Rikita, a Republican (duh) Congressman from Indiana has said that the children coming to the US from Central American countries are carrying the Ebola virus. This is an incredibly stupid statement that is either a lie or shows a disturbing lack of knowledge of geography and medicine. A quick search would show that Central Africa, where Ebola is prevalent, is not near Central America, from where the children come.

The most likely answer is that he's pandering to his political base, spreading lies to ensure his re-election.

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